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Spit-roast and BBQ food images

Grain-Fed Beef

Grain-fed beef, marinated with wine & herb while on the rotisserie. Crispy & well-done on the outside to medium-rare in the centre. Moist to the core. Enjoyed with a dash of mild mustard from the buffet table.

Crackling Pork

Leg pork. Always moist and its aroma is enhanced with a soy & garlic marinade. Help yourself to the crispy crackling and apple sauce on the buffet table.

Hot Leg Ham

This is always a favourite yet many guests have never tried it before. Spit-roasted to a golden brown crust but mouthwatering slices on the inside. Mild mustard is great as a condiment.

Golden Turkey

Your guests will rave about our golden roasted buffet turkey. Its unique, peppery aroma and moist flesh will certainly be appreciated .... especially around Christmas. Served with cranberry sauce of course!

Legs of Lamb

Always moist Always full of flavour. Our lamb is rotisserie roasted on-the-bone and marinated on the spit with a mustard & herb sauce. The aroma is mouthwatering. Mint sauce is supplied but the marinade is often enough!

"New York Cut" Sirloin

Prime Sirloin Steak is seared on both sides on the hotplate so a medium-rare centre retains the juices. Delectable!

Chicken Kebabs

Choose skinless chicken fillet strips, BBQ'd to a golden brown and marinated in your choice of sauce or marinated leg-chicken meat on skewers Great for younger guests or those with religion-based diets.

Gourmet Sausages

Gourmet sausages are always enjoyed at Aussie BBQ's. Choose beef, pork or chicken. Contact us for more details.


New-York cut sirloin steak is the default choice for our ValuePlus BBQ's. It is seared on both sides to retain juices.

Moroccan Chicken BBQ

Prime chicken breast fillets seasoned with a mild Moroccan seasoning. The flavour and aroma is mouthwatering.

Salmon Cutlets BBQ

Salmon cutlets (shown here) or salmon steaks are one option in the Catering2U premium BBQ menu

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